AFAN website


AFAN is an option for financial advice & risk professionals to keep the businesses they have built and add a diversified range of services.

The Directors of AFAN contacted Fastlane with an idea and we worked with them to create the brand, website, marketing process and are now delivereing events and building the team.

We create regular videos as content which is distributed to the database and posted on social platforms.


CONVERSATIONS to CONNECT is a group of professionals delivering tips, advice, and updates to connect their community of business owners and professionals. The group started in March 2020 when COVID-19 changed the world as we know it.

The ladies came to Fastlane with an idea and we made it a reality by:

  • Helping them create the group name
  • Creating the brand 
  • Delivered a full set of branding tools, guidelines & training videos
  • Set up all social platforms – LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube
  • Created a Landing page & email marketing platform
  • Built a basic website
  • Trained them to deliver content 

The group have now taken over and are posting and sharing their content like true professionals.

The work we love

Fastlane was engaged by Gold Bullion Australia and Gold Stackers Australia to act as their Marketing Manager to create a strategic marketing plan and implement, then train their team to take over.

Fastlane worked with them over 3 years to:

Web Design


The key to leaving a lasting and professional impression is consistent branding

Video Production