If you want to shape your brand, communicate with your clients, and build a marketing process – we have the experience and the contacts to help you.

Our mission is to help businesses combine traditional sales and marketing with new age methods. We have a track record of designing and implementing marketing programs with consideration to processes, results and return on investment. 

We help our clients understand their target is and how to consistently communicate with them. Once you know who your “Avatar” (Perfect Client) is, we can build your brand, create a process and teach your team how to deliver an efficient marketing program with smart communication that works even when you are not.

Why Fastlane

The original Fastlane was my Dad, John Lane, who designed the iconic Fastlane 40 and Fastlane 32 luxury speed boats in the 1980’s. The design suited the extravagance anfastlane brochured hubris of the pre-1987 GFC when entrepreneurs loved showing off their wealth with the latest toy. The Fastlane speedboats were sleek and ahead of their time in terms of design and technology – but the yuppies loved them.

Fastlane 30 Consulting started in 2000 when I left working for Toshiba as their laptop Product Manager and started consulting.

The Journey

Success and happiness is a journey – finding your passion and then doing something every day that challenges or excites you is what life is all about. Throughout my career I have been lucky to gain great experience in marketing and sales roles for large corporates such as ANZ Wealth, Microsoft, Toshiba and Telstra. I have also been in small business for Insight Equity, Fastlane 30 Consulting and Accounting firm Baker Affleck Moffrey as well as founded and run a networking group, Women of Influence. 

At the beginning of 2014, both of my gorgeous kids were at school, I was thriving in my role as Business Development Manager for OnePath (ANZ Wealth) – working with advisers to develop their communication strategy, shooting videos, and helping use social media and communication to grow their business – I was in my element!

I was just about to fly to Shanghai, China to deliver a presentation on social media marketing when it all came to a grinding halt and life changed as I knew it…

1st April 2014, I was diagnosed with aggressive triple negative breast cancer – after 12 months of treatment, sickness, no hair and the biggest ever life lesson along the way,  I am now determined there will be more positive outcomes than negatives.

The Doctors tell me that the treatment I went through will give me less than 2% chance of having breast cancer again – I am now healthy and cancer free.  However I am different.

“Things go wrong so that you can appreciate them when they’re right. …sometimes things fall apart so better things can fall together.” Marilyn Monroe

So What Now?

So what now? I am living the dream and building my business Fastlane to deliver value to you – if you are reading this then you must have an interest and will gain from the investment in time and your relationship with me. 

I know what works for a business when it comes to marketing and sales, you know what traditional methods attract clients and build relationships. Now we can combine that knowledge with the powers of social media to build a stress free, low cost communication plan to build your business each day, each step and without too much effort at all! I promise. 

So thank you for reading! I hope we can go on a journey together to find balance, clarity and build a successful life. 

Kind Regards 

Georgia Lane